Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm excited... This is actually my first post on this blog! Well... I've wrote some notes to I introduce myself but this is my first attempt to explain a bit of my everyday life.

Well, let's start saying I'm writing from Kansas. No, this is not my home... I'm visiting family, my husband daughter Daniela withe her husband Jeff and their three kids Abigail, Samuel and the last born Annabelle who is now screaming because she does not want go to bed. She is just over 3 months old but with a very developed personality!!! :)

Today we were out shopping... It's unbelievable how little things cost here compared to Italy! Eric and I will have to spend a whole day at the post office to mail back all things we got!!!

After we got home, while Eric played with Abigail & Samuel, Daniela took care of Annabelle and Jeff worked at his homework, I've started working at a new project: I'm painting Christmas gifts for some friends! This is the first time that I'm giving away some of my items as a gift and hopefully they will like them!

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